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Since Jesse W. Fell founded Illinois State Normal University in 1857, tens of thousands of graduates have used the knowledge and skills acquired during their years at the University to build careers, forge reputations, and change the world.

Although commencement can be perceived as the end of a relationship, it is-in reality-just the beginning of a lifelong bond between graduates and their alma mater. Once a student, forever an alum.

Alumni Services Illinois State University is more than just buildings and grounds, books and equipment, classes and research. It is, always has been, and always will be about people, including alumni, a vital part of the extended University family.

Alumni Services and the Illinois State University Alumni Association work with an army of volunteers to serve the needs of all those who have graduated from or attended the University through the years, regardless of their fields of study, geographic locations, or lifetime pursuits.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association at Illinois State University strives to maintain strong ties with alumni, friends and supporters. At the alumni website you will find helpful items like the following:

  • Create or update your profile
  • Forward your ISU alum email to your own email account
  • Find a Friend
  • Transcripts and Diplomas
  • New Grads Quckstart list
  • Professional Networking
  • Events, Travel, Reunions, and more

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Alumni SpotLight

Division of Student Affairs celebrates graduating leaders and employees
“The division of Student Affairs has always supported me to be a great student and to make the most of my college experience in and outside the classroom. To be invited to the Student Affairs celebration was truly an honor! It was a great time to be with the same people guiding my college journey one last time!” —Alicia Ramos ’17

When starting their first year at Illinois State, many students could never have imagined that their campus job, a service trip they led, or late night program they planned would be one of the highlights of their Illinois State experience.

Many students give their time and talents to the Division of Student Affairs, and to express its appreciation the division recognizes their contributions and welcomes them into the Student Affairs alumni family at the Student Affairs Graduation Celebration each year.

The second annual Graduation Celebration took place May 3, celebrating over 100 graduating student leaders.

“We’re honored to recognize and celebrate students who serve and lead their peers as a student leader or employee within the division, as well as aid in their transition from student to alumni,” said Erin Thomas, director of assessment and engagement initiatives for Student Affairs.

The highlights of the evening included special reflections from Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Levester Johnson, student speaker Breanna Brown ’17, and alumni speaker Alexandra Szajowski ’14.

Graduating student employees from Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality celebrate with Associate Director Dianne Feasley.

Students and staff enjoyed the time to reflect on the relationships they have formed and how they hope to stay connected after graduation.

“I enjoyed the evening interacting with students who had worked for EMDH,” said Dianne Feasley, associate director of Event Management, Dining and Hospitality. “The students appreciated the recognition of their contributions to Student Affairs and were already making their Homecoming plans to come back to campus.”

Each year an alum is asked to come back to campus to share their experiences as a student and alumni. This year, Szajowski encouraged students to reflect on their experiences and their new role as alumni. She shared that “giving a speech to students about to graduate gave me a chance to share how I was able to transfer my success as a student into the real world, working in my field and staying just as involved with commitments.”

“My experiences within Student Affairs let me wear many hats and play many roles; all of which molded my unique experience at ISU, as well as shape the person I am today,” Szajowski  said. “I am so grateful and thankful to have Student Affairs and Illinois State to thank for laying the foundation to my accomplishments.”

Mark Hodges ’17 and Associate Dean of Students Michelle Whited at commencement.

Each student had their own story to share of how their experience with Student Affairs has enhanced their college career. Mark Hodges ’17 perfectly summarized the event stating, “My time with Student Affairs at ISU will never be forgotten. The Student Affairs Graduation Celebration was a great end to all of it, recalling many memories and experiences that I had during my 5 years at ISU.”

The Division of Student Affairs welcomes the class of 2017 into the alumni family and encourage all alumni to stay connected and tell us your Redbird story!