Welcome to the School of Communication.

Journalism's Mission

Our journalism program mission is to educate students in the broad range of skills involved in gathering, analyzing, processing and presenting written, Web and broadcast news. To prepare students for productive and long-term careers in journalism, we seek to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To offer a curriculum designed to provide students the basic technical skills of journalism as well as a strong grounding in the theory and concepts related to the profession. 
  • To prepare students to become critical consumers of the media by achieving an understanding of the legal, ethical and theoretical aspects of the profession. 
  • To develop analytical abilities among students by encouraging multi-disciplinary inquiry and a recognition of the necessity of lifelong learning. 
  • To acquire and maintain state of the art laboratories which are responsive to technological advances in an ever-changing media environment. 
  • To cultivate constructive relationships with media practitioners and organizations and act as a liaison between students and professionals. 
  • As teachers to strive to keep abreast of new technologies and concepts in the field and to incorporate these advances into the classroom. 
  • To engage in research and other scholarly activity that produces important knowledge and insight relevant to problems and issues related to the media. 
  • To incorporate faculty research and productivity into undergraduate education. 
  • To encourage and provide a forum for the discussion and debate of important issues facing journalists. 
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