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Major Planning Tools

The School of Communication Advising Team has created a variety of tools to assist you in planning your coursework and assessing your progress through your major. Students may choose to utilize all of these tools or only a couple. Each tool serves a specific function:

Major Checklist: This tool allows you to see at a glance the courses that are required for your major. Each checklist contains the required courses for your sequence, as well as the elective courses from which you can choose.

Visual Diagram: This tool allows you to easily view the pre-requisites that are required for courses in your major. It will assist you in ensuring that your plan of study reflects all pre-requisites.

Checkpoint Chart: This tool gives you an idea of the ideal semesters in which you should take your major courses. This chart also shows other semesters in which major courses can be taken if the ideal semester does not work out.

Plan of Study: This tool serves as a guide for creating your two, three, or four-year plan of study. Please note that each student’s plan of study will vary depending upon years at ISU and elective choices; thus, your plan of study should allow for flexibility. Sample plans of study for each major/sequence are available on ISU's Find Your Major website. Current ISU students can use the Plan of Study Templates (linked below) to assist them in creating a customized Plan of Study.

Plan of Study Template for Native ISU Students (DOCX)

Plan of Study Template for Transfer Students (DOCX)

While these tools are very helpful, students should continue to meet with their advisor at least once a semester to remain on track for graduation.

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