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Lance Lippert

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
  • COM 435.Sec 001 Communication Training & DevelopmentDownload Syllabus
  • COM 400.Sec 023 Independent Study
  • COM 329.Sec 001 Organizational CommunicationDownload Syllabus
  • COM 329.Sec 002 Organizational CommunicationDownload Syllabus
  • COM 329.Sec 003 Organizational CommunicationDownload Syllabus
  • COM 388.Sec 001 Senior Capstone: Communication StudiesDownload Syllabus
  • Organizational Communication, Leadership Communication, Health Communication, Training & Development, and Qualitative Methods.
  • Workplace communication, applied communication, leadership communication, humor use in communication, communication in health care, instructional communication.
  • Hunt, S. K., Meyer, K. R., Hooker, J. F., Simonds, C. J., & Lippert, L. R. (2016). Implementing the political engagement project in an introductory communication course: An examination of the effects on students’ political knowledge, efficacy, skills, behavior, and ideology. eJournal of Public Affairs, 5(2), 116-151. doi: 10.21768/ejopa.v5i2.111
  • Blaney, J. R., Lippert, L. R., and Smith, J. S. (Eds.). (2013). Repairing the Athlete's Image: Studies in Sports Image Restoration. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • Hunt, S. K., Carpenter, N., Lippert, L. R., Woolard, C. E., Hantzis, D. M., & Bodary, D. L. (2017, November). Civic engagement in communication pedagogy: Theories, practices, and new techniques to foster student civic learning. Presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Dallas, TX.
  • Schreiner, A., Beck, A., Diel-Hunt, S. J., Hunt, S. K., Lippert, L. R., Carpenter, N. J., & Williamson, D. (2016, June). 80 million square pegs, on round hole: How civic technology is redefining the ways millennials engage with the 2016 election and beyond. Presented at the annual Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement meeting, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Carr, C. T., Baldwin, J. R., Lippert, L. R., & Hunt, S. K. (2015, November). A chilling effect: Analysis of the effects of Institutional Review Board (IRB) communication on faculty. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Lippert, L. R., & Hunt, S. K. (2015, June). Programmatic assessment of civic engagement outcomes for redesigned courses. Poster presented at the annual Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement meeting, New Orleans, LA.
  • Hunt, S., Carpenter, N., Hopper, K.M., Lippert, L., & Moore, M. (2015, April). Talking SMACC about social media: Converging scholarship through cutting-edge technology in the classroom. Discussion panel presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, Madison, WI.
  • Lippert, L. R. (Lead PI), Meyer, B. (Co-PI), & Hunt, S. K. (Co-PI). (2017, November). Building partnerships to diversify the teacher education pipeline and facilitate civic and political learning to enhance the placement of teachers in high needs areas ($50,000—funded). McCormick Foundation.
  • Angell, M., Boyd, M. A., Kelloff, P., Moore, M., Lippert, L. R., & Hunt, S. K. (2001). Diversity: Meeting the needs of all students. Received $17,000 grant from the Illinois Professional Learners’ Partnership (a Teacher Quality Enhancement grant from the U.S. Department of Education).
  • Hunt, S. K., & Lippert, L. R. (2011, December). Supporting Illinois State’s American Democracy Project: Expanding the pedagogy and scholarship of engagement ($50,000, funded). McCormick Foundation.
  • Comstock Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award
  • School of Communication
  • 2011