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Laura Trendle-Polus

TV-10 News Director
  • I consider myself a journalist first, and an educator second. I have been a broadcaster since I was 17 years old, and still love sharing information with an audience. I hope my students will love that as well.
  • COM 267.Sec 001 Advanced Broadcast Newswriting And ReportingDownload Syllabus
  • COM 267.Sec 002 Advanced Broadcast Newswriting And Reporting
  • COM 167.Sec 001 Broadcast Newswriting and ReportingDownload Syllabus
  • COM 287.Sec 003 Independent Study
  • COM 398.04Sec 003 Professional Practice: Internships For Journalism MajorsDownload Syllabus
  • COM 398.05Sec 003 Professional Practice: Internships For Mass Media MajorsDownload Syllabus
  • Television news writing, reporting and presentation; newscast producing
  • Media effects: specifically, the impact of television portrayals and television exposure on career selection and career expectations. Issues impacting journalists doing their jobs.
  • MS Media Studies - 2000
  • Illinois State University
  • Normal, Illinois
  • Dissertation/Thesis topic: An Examination of the Occupational Influences of Students Who Have Chosen a Broadcast Journalism Career
  • BS Mass Communication - 1987
  • Illinois State University
  • Normal, Illinois