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Journalism is changing rapidly in the 21st century, with stories moving across a range of platforms—from newspapers and magazines to web and social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. This means that the budding journalist needs to know not only how to gather facts and write informative and entertaining stories, but also how to work with audio and video clips and online.

Students considering the Journalism program should have a talent for writing, and an insatiable curiosity about the world around them.

Why Study Journalism?

Journalists gather and report information on current events and trends, as well as offering analysis on important social situations, giving opinion through personal columns and editorials, reviewing a range of leisure activities (including theater and movies), and interviewing people about their issues and achievements. 

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Related Skills

  • Develop excellent writing and grammar skills.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, interpersonal skills, team work, integrity, good judgment, and intelligence.

Being Successful in the Field

  • Experience with campus publications is a must.
  • Choose the most writing intensive coursework possible.
  • Read extensively in areas of interest.
  • Begin cultivating creative talents as soon as possible. Develop a portfolio of creative materials related to career goals. Internships are crucial in obtaining experience, building relationships and reality testing career choices
  • Be prepared to begin a journalism career in a small market, performing entry-level tasks before moving to larger markets and positions with more creative freedom and responsibility.

Related Fields

Newspaper Publishing

  • Reporting
  • Editorial/Column Writing
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Photojournalism
  • Circulation
  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Production
  • Sports


  • Large circulation newspapers
  • Local newspapers
  • Wire services
  • Trade newspapers
  • Online publishers


  • Obtain a summer job or internship with newspaper.
  • Work with college newspaper, yearbook, or alumni publication.
  • Take an active role, preferably leadership, in journalism organizations.
  • Demonstrate curiosity, high energy level, ability to produce under pressure and withstand criticism.
  • Develop excellent grammar and writing skills.
  • Create a portfolio of writing samples, especially those that have been published.
  • Seek opportunities for recognition and networking through writing contests and freelance writing submissions.
  • Build relationships with campus and community leaders as well as athletes for interview opportunities and experience.

Magazine/Newsletter Publishing

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Advertising/Sales
  • Promotion
  • Circulation
  • Design, Art, and Production
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Photojournalism


  • Major publishers
  • Consumer magazines
  • News magazines
  • Specialized magazines
  • Technical and industrial publications
  • Professional publications/associations
  • Merchandising and trade publications
  • Labor unions
  • Academic journals
  • Corporate in-house publications
  • Religious organizations


  • Secure internship with publisher.
  • Work on campus publications.
  • Find part-time or summer job with newspaper, magazine, or print shop.
  • Obtain sales experience.
  • Join a professional journalism organization.
  • Demonstrate creative spirit, writing skills, verbal skills, and proof reading ability.
  • Create a portfolio of writing samples.
  • Consider obtaining a minor in photography for photo journalistic specialty.

Book Publishing

  • Editing
  • Sales
  • Promotion
  • Publicity
  • Production
  • Subsidiary Rights


  • Publishers including: Tradebooks, Children’s books, Paperbacks, Textbooks
  • Book clubs
  • University presses
  • Religious presses
  • Technical, scientific, or medical presses
  • Internet sites


  • Attend summer publishing institute to sharpen skills and build contacts.
  • Become familiar with word processing, desktop publishing and web page design.
  • Gain knowledge of printing and production. Work with local or regional magazines and campus publications.
  • Work as sales clerk or book buyer in campus or local bookstore.
  • Supplement coursework with technical writing courses for opportunities with technical, scientific, and medical publications.


  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing


  • Hardware and software manufacturers/developers
  • Technical industries
  • Technical publications (journals, magazines and websites)
  • Research laboratories
  • Government agencies
  • Self-employed/Freelance


  • Work on college newspaper or campus publication.
  • Join professional journalismor communications organizations.
  • Develop excellent word processing skills.
  • Perfect clear and concise writing abilities.
  • Demonstrate patience, flexibility, and creativity.
  • Begin submitting manuscripts, essays, articles, etc. for possible publication immediately.
  • Read widely in area of talent and/or interest (e.g., mystery novels, poetry)


  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Special Events
  • Media Relations
  • Fund Raising
  • Business Writing
  • Account Services
  • Print Production
  • Management
  • Administration


  • Advertising agencies
  • Corporate advertising or public relations departments
  • Media companies (e.g., Turner Broadcasting)
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Colleges and universities
  • Labor unions


  • Work in sales at campus newspaper, television, or radio station.
  • Obtain business experience.
  • Complete internship at market research firm. Hone public speaking skills.
  • Seek part-time or summer job with campus public relations or sports information department.


  • Secondary
  • Post-Secondary
  • Publication Advising


  • Public or private high schools
  • Colleges and universities


  • Obtain state teacher certification for high school teaching opportunities.
  • Consider obtaining certification to teach additional subjects such as foreign language, social studies, or English.
  • Actively participate in campus newspaper and yearbook publications.
  • Volunteer to assist local high school students and sponsors with publications.
  • Obtain graduate degree (Masters and/or Doctorate) for college and university teaching opportunities.

Other Professions

  • Feature Writer
  • Free-lance Writer
  • Journalist
  • Newspaper Reporter

Career Advising

Name Office Email Phone
Mark Fauble  110 Student Services Building  mbfaubl@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-5825 

Internship Coordinator

Name Office Email Phone Note
Laura Trendle Polus  025C Fell Hall  lmtrend@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-5484  Broadcast 
Phillip Chidester  452 Fell Hall  pjchide@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-7815  Print 

New Freshmen

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Minimum GPA


Middle 50% GPA

2.84 - 3.39

Required Courses


Recommended Courses

  • Introductory-level composition (ENG 101)
  • Introductory-level speech (COM 110)

Plans of Study and Progress Tracking

Academic Advising

Name Office Email Phone
Julie Navickas  Fell Hall 450  janavic@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-7080 

Illinois State Students

Middle 50% GPA

2.84 - 3.39

Plans of Study and Progress Tracking

Application Period

September 1 - October 1, February 1 - March 1

Major Requirements

Submission of online application form and essay.

Academic Advising

Name Office Email Phone
Julie Navickas  Fell Hall 450  janavic@ilstu.edu  (309) 438-7080