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Internal Forms

Students complete one of these each semester to select and register for the following semester:

Students complete these forms if they wish to register for COM 400 or COM 498 for the following semester: 

Students complete this form when they are in their 18th credit hour (typically first spring semester if full time). The committee form is due before selecting courses for the following semester:

Students completing the 39-hour project complete these forms. The first (proposal approval) is due at the start of the semester in which they are completing the project. The second (outcome) is due the last week of the semester in which they finish their project.

Students completing a thesis will complete this form when they have scheduled their final thesis defense. There are other required thesis forms (e.g., proposal, final approval) available on the Graduate School website).

Students complete the degree audit at the start of the semester in which they are graduating. The degree audit is to be completed by the student, checked by Patty, and approved/submitted by the graduate coordinator. The degree audit form can be found on the Graduate School website. The following materials help students to complete the audit. 

Graduate students who do not have a GTA or GA position can apply for a tuition waiver to help offset tuition costs. Students must apply for these waivers every semester. Refer to the link below for details.

Graduate students who travel for academic conferences will complete the following forms if they wish to be reimbursed for some expenses:

Students who cannot meet the 6-year allotted time to finish the program complete this form:

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