Com Week

For four decades, Communication Week (COM Week) has brought alums and other industry professionals to campus to give students the opportunity to learn about life and work beyond the traditional classroom. With the encouragement and supervision of faculty and staff, student interns from the School of Communication, as the School of Communication Promotion and Development team (SoC PD), plan, organize, promote and execute COM Week each spring term to give students a chance to explore their interests and expand their knowledge of communication. Since 2008, COM Week has become the largest and best-attended professional development week for students.

Be Proactive

The School of Communication Promotions and Development Interns (SoC PD Team) work together as a public relations agency to bring a variety of special events right to you. The Team plans events such as COM Week and other campus events to promote the School of Communication and all that it has to offer.

To learn more and how to apply please visit the Com Week website