Override Policy

School of Communication Override Policy

The University has moved to a universal override request form. This form must be used to request an override for any course at Illinois State University and can be accessed in your My Illinois State student portal. To complete an override request form, navigate to the “Academics” tab and select “Course Permit Request.” The School of Communication will adhere to the following policies regarding requests for overrides:

BEFORE REQUESTING AN OVERRIDE: Check the advising sheet from your latest appointment for options. If you have university-wide or “free” electives, register for those before you request an override (if you need another copy of your most recent advising sheet, please contact your advisor via email).

DECLARED COM MAJOR/MINORS If a course is full, no overrides will be granted into the course. You should register for an alternative course and schedule an appointment with your advisor if you need assistance.

Prerequisites and major blocks will not be waived. Please view the Communication section of the University Catalog determine if you’ve met the prerequisites to enroll in this course.

NON-MAJORS/MINORS: Major blocks will be removed on the following courses one week prior to the start of each semester (including summer terms):

  • COM 111
  • COM 123
  • COM 161

The following courses are always open to all students:

  • COM 128
  • COM 160
  • COM 178
  • COM 223

Any requests for other COM courses will not be granted to non-majors/minors.