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Stay safe this Halloweekend
(Samantha Flory / Photographer)  Brian Wolf, sophomore art major, follows the ISU police’s advice and measures the amount of alcohol he is going to drink during Halloween weekend.

(Samantha Flory / Photographer)
Brian Wolf, sophomore art major, follows the ISU police’s advice and measures the amount of alcohol he is going to drink during Halloween weekend.

Halloween is an exciting weekend for college students, but authorities view it as one of the most dangerous. Here are some safety tips from ISU Chief of Police Aaron Woodruff and McLean County Sheriff Mike Emery.

Travel in Numbers

Link up with your friends before heading out for a spooky night on the town. Make sure you stay with your group at all times. Do not walk alone anywhere, even if it is just to get home.

Never go out with strangers

Although being on campus may seem like a safe place to trust fellow peers, if you do not personally know them, do not go with them. There will be plenty of students dressed as goons, goblins and monsters but be aware that sometimes those costumes are more than just costumes. The man behind the mask may be the monster that goes bump in the night.

Drink in moderation

During your time out it is always important to make sure to keep your judgment as clear as possible to avoid any possibly bad situations. Many times when students drink a little too much they exhibit behavior that land them in trouble that cannot be poofed away by a witch’s spell. “Our concern isn’t so much with alcohol itself but the consequences,” Woodruff said. So make sure you know your limit and stop when you hit it.

Trust your best judgment

The most important tip given is to trust your best judgment. If something does not feel right or you are uncomfortable in a situation, do not allow your friends to persuade you that all is well. Find someone that you trust and leave the situation. It is always better to go with your first instincts.

The top 5: Horror movies to watch this Halloween


(Samantha Flory / Photographer)

(Samantha Flory / Photographer)

1. “The Thing From Another World”

U.S. Air Force crew and scientists are forced to defend themselves against a malevolent, plant-based humanoid monster.

2. “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”

This slasher film follows a group of friends as they experience the worst luck by falling victim to a family of cannibals.

3. “Halloween”

A six-year old murders his sister by stabbing her with a kitchen knife. Fifteen years later, he escapes from a psychiatric hospital, returns home and stalks a girl.

4. “The Shining”

An alcoholic writer (Jack Nicholson) takes a job as an off-season caretaker in the isolated Overlook Hotel, goes crazy and tries to murder his son and wife.

5. “Nightmare on Elm Street”

The movie traces the lives of several teenagers who die in their dreams and subsequently are killed in real life by Freddy Krueger.

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Illinois State launches Social Media Analytics Command Center article thumbnailIllinois State launches Social Media Analytics Command Center. The buzzword that really matters in social media is analytics. That's one of the reasons the School of Communication just opened the doors on its new Social Media Analytics Command Center in Fell Hall. [Read the rest]

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