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Public Relations Mission

Public relations is the measured and ethical use of language and symbols to inspire cooperation between an organization and its publics. Our public relations program, which serves undergraduate and graduate students, balances theory and practice and, accordingly, is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that are necessary for their development as ethical and competent public relations professionals.

The vision for our public relations program is to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading programs in undergraduate public relations education. We know this vision is true because of the strong demand for our students as interns, success among our graduates as public relations practitioners, and ongoing opportunities for our faculty to speak, publish, consult, and lead in the public relations field.

The mission for our public relations program is to engage in excellent teaching and learning among students who, if they choose to go into the profession, will be paid by employers to be their best communicators and expert counselors about the strategic and ethical use of public relations in their organizations. We fulfill this mission through a learning-focused curriculum through which students:

  • Recall foundational knowledge about the practice, management, value and history of public relations.
  • Demonstrate competence through application of foundational and specialized knowledge in particular public relations problems and discourse, including "service learning" that helps organizations with real public relations opportunities.
  • Construct a personal view of the profession and its future that integrates lessons across all realms of experience about public relations.
  • Distinguish among and diagnose degrees of influence among the factors that affect the human dimensions (personal and professional) in the public relations field, including other fields like law, human resources, mass media, politics, etc.
  • Inspire students to care about and value work in a professional setting in every respect and about the ethics and general roles of public relations technicians and managers/leaders.
  • Nurture an attitude of and introduce resources for life-long learning about effective and ethical public relations.
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