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Advisement & Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most common questions we recieve in the Advisement Center. Questions are divided into 5 categories: Appointments & Courses, Graduation, Registration, Curriculum & Admission, and Common General Questions. Please choose a category of questions below:

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment with an advisor?
Contact the School of Communication Advisement Center to schedule an appointment. You may call (309) 438-7080 or come to Fell Hall 450. Please note that communication advisors do not advise students via phone or email. Phone and email provides more opportunities for misunderstandings to occur. In addition, walk-in appointments are not recommended as your advisor needs time to prepare for your appointment. If you have advisement questions, please make an appointment to meet with your advisor.

How do I get into a class that is full?
Majors and minors must receive permission from the instructor of the course to enroll in a class that is full. Advisors cannot authorize overrides into a full class. Only after permission is verified from the instructor can an advisor place an override for a course. View more specific details about the override practices in the SoC here. Minors needing overrides to register for open classes should go to the School of Communication Advisement Center, Fell Hall 450, or call (309) 438-7080 to make an appointment with the minor advisor.

I received a message that a COM class was “Blocked for Majors Only,” but I’m a COM major. Why did I receive that error message?
The School of Communication has many diverse majors. As a result, some Communication classes are blocked for specific Communication majors (i.e., Visual Communication, Interactive Media, Public Relations, etc.). If you encounter the error message on iCampus that a class is “Blocked for Majors Only,” it simply means that particular class is restricted to a specific Communication major. In this case, you should select another Communication class for your schedule and meet with your advisor to go over your options.

Can I register for an internship for course credit? Who should I contact?
Yes, you can register and receive course credit for an internship. If you would like to do an internship through the School of Communication, you should contact our Field Experiences Coordinator, Tom Lamonica (309-438-8578).

How do I pick electives for my Communication major?
Each Communication major has to fulfill a certain number of elective hours. Communication elective hours allow you customize your major to a certain extent. When selecting Communication electives, students are encouraged to pick COM classes that will help you fulfill the career goals you have in mind for yourself. In addition, students can pick COM classes that seem interesting and expand the scope of your major. For a list of suggested electives for each major and to see how many elective hours are required for your major, we encourage you to use the Major Checklists on the SoC Major Planning Tools website.