Welcome to the School of Communication.

Com Week

COM Week is a long lasting tradition in the School of Communication here at Illinois State University. COM Week has evolved over the years into an engaging and noteworthy event that provides SoC students with networking, educational and growth opportunities. COM Week is a weeklong experience that provides professional perspectives and inspirational speakers within the field of communication. COM Week seeks to present students a chance to explore their interests and expand their knowledge on various areas of communication. Each year, the School of Communication welcomes panelists into our home front at Fell Hall to share experiences, knowledge and advice to students. Join us this year, as we ignite your passion at COM Week 2016.

Be Proactive

The School of Communication Promotions and Development Interns (SoC PD Team) work together as a public relations agency to bring a variety of special events right to you. The Team plans events such as COM Week and other campus events to promote the School of Communication and all that it has to offer.

Strive for Success

The Career Institute is a great opportunity for students to learn more about interviews as well as putting together a well-built resume and portfolios from professionals. The networking portion of the institute allows students to meet face-to-face with recruiting professionals from large corporations, institutions and small businesses. The Career Institute is open to all majors and helps students gain the knowledge and the nudge they need to navigate the professional world.

To learn more and how to apply please visit the Com Week website