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Dr. Cheri Simonds

School of Communication
Fell Hall - FEL 427
Office Hours
Monday and Wednesday 2:00-3:00 Or by appointment
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Current Courses

110.006Communication As Critical Inquiry: Classroom Communication-Teacher Education

483.001Seminar in Instructional Communication

Teaching Interests & Areas

Public Speaking; Classroom Communication; Communication Pedagogy; Instructional Communication; Communication Assessment

Research Interests & Areas

Teacher Clarity, Credibility, and Immediacy; Student Initiated Challenges; Portfolio Assessment; GTA Training; Speech Evaluation and Feedback; Student Engagement

Ph D Instructional Communication

University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma

MS Rhetoric and Public Address

University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

BS Speech/Theater/Education

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Inaugural Recipient of the John Chizmar and Anthony Ostrosky Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award, Illinois State University, 2014.

Cross Endowed Chair, Illinois State University

Recipient of the 2013 Inaugural Distinguished Faculty Award sponsored by the National Communication Association’s Basic Course Division.

National Communication Association

Recipient of the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Service Award, Illinois State University, 2012.

Illinois State University

Recipient of the 2008 Inaugural Program of Excellence Award sponsored by the National Communication Association’s Basic Course Division.

National Communication Association

Recipient of the 2008 Rives Excellence in Undergraduate Education Award (with Steve Hunt).

Illinois State University

Recipient of the 2007 College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching.

College of Arts and Sciences

Recipient of the 2006 Outstanding University Teacher—Category I, Illinois State University.

Illinois State University, CTLT

2005 Bronze Telly Award Winner for Leading Instructional Discussions. (w/ Brent Simonds and Steve Hunt).


Recipient of the 2005 College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award, Illinois State University.

College of Arts and Sciences

Book, Chapter

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Journal Article

Simonds, C. J., & Hunt, S. K. (2022). Healing the disciplinary divide between communication and English to secure the future of communication education: A response to forum essays. Communication Education, 71(3), 262-266.

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Textbook, New

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Textbook, Revised

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Simonds, C., & Hooker, J. Com 110: Communication as Critical Inquiry Supplementary Materials Packet Fall 2014 (2014)


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Grants & Contracts

Assessing Curricular Coherence in the Department of Communication. Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Illinois State University.
Portfolio Assessment: Using student portfolios to assess learning in COM110 (Language & Communication). Cetner for the Advancement of Teaching (Teaching-Learning Development Program). Illinois State University.
Student engagement: The use of reading objectives and participation sheets as effective tools to help motivate students and assess students' preparation for and particiation in COM110. Cross Endowed Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Small Grant Program. Illinois State University.
Using student portfolios as authentic assessment of COM110. Illinois State University's Office of Undergraduate Studies. Illinois State University.
Video Production on Facilitating Instructional Discussion. Prentice Hall Publishing Company.