About Us

The School of Communication's legacy is more than 150 years old, originating in the Forensics Union that was established two days after ISU's founding. Over its history, the School of Communication has built a tradition of excellence in teaching, research and service.

Our mission is to enhance the State of Illinois' societal and economic conditions by providing comprehensive undergraduate and graduate degrees, research, and service initiatives that are at the cutting edge of theory and translate into viable applications.

We achieve our mission by maintaining a dynamic integration of teaching, research, service, and leadership that stimulates innovative and effective teaching environments to produce graduates who have mastered fundamental competencies and acquired intellectual rigor, possess the ability to apply creativity to problem solving, and welcome responsibility in business, government, education, and community service. The School provides leadership in intellectual, cultural, social, economic, and technological development dealing with issues of human symbolic interface for the state, the nation, and the world.

Portrait of Dr. Stephen K. Hunt.

"The School of Communication is a national leader in delivering state-of-the-art communication education. Through our undergraduate and graduate programs we prepare students to tackle the most significant challenges facing our discipline and professions in the 21st Century. Our international programs also provide students with a global perspective on a variety of communication issues. Finally, our alumni remain active and committed to our programs and support current students in a variety of ways. In short, this is an absolutely wonderful time to be a part of the School of Communication at Illinois State!"

Dr. Stephen K. Hunt, Executive Director