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Dr. John Baldwin

School of Communication
Fell Hall - FEL 420
Office Hours
TR 12:30-3:30
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John Baldwin has a B.A. and M.A. from Abilene Christian University and Ph.D. from Arizona State University (1994). He has been at ISU since 1994.

Current Courses

370.001Psychology Of Language

473.001Seminar In Qualitative Communication Research Methods

473.002Seminar In Qualitative Communication Research Methods

372.001Theory & Research In Intercultural Communication

Teaching Interests & Areas

Intercultural communication, communication theory, qualitative research methods, psychology of language

Research Interests & Areas

areas of culture and communication, including adaptation and competence, interethnic communication, prejudice, stereotypes, and the construction of racial and national identities in Brazilian popular music

Ph D Communication

Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

MA Communication

Abilene Christian University
Abilene, Texas

BA Missiology

Abilene Christian University
Abilene, Texas

John A. Dossey Award for Outstanding Teaching

College of Arts and Sciences

Outstanding College Teacher Award (Humanities)

College of Arts and Sciences

Outstanding Faculty Member

Dean of Students Office and Diversity Advocacy

Book, Chapter

Chidester, P., & Baldwin, J. Shattering myths: Brazil's Tropicalia movement. Lauren Shaw (EDs), Song and social change in Latin America. Lexington (2013): 27-48.
Courtright, J., Wolfe, R., & Baldwin, J. Intercultural typologies and public relations research: A critique of Hofstede's dimensions. N. Bardhan & C. K. Weaver (EDs), Public Relations in Global Cultural Contexts: Multiparadigmatic Perspectives. Routledge (2011): 108-139.
Zompetti, J., Baldwin, J., & Lippert, L. The Internationalization of a Communication Studies Major: A Global Redesign. Paaige K. Turner, Soumia Bardhan, Tracey Quigley Holden & Edda Mbula Mutua (EDs), Internationalizing the Communication Curriculum in an Age of Globalization: Why, What, and How

Journal Article

Gyamfi, P.A., Lippert, L., Baldwin, J.R., & Hooker, J.F. (2021). Predictors of patient satisfaction and perceived quality of healthcare: College healthcare providers and students' communication. Journal of American College Health, 69.
Baldwin, J. Reconsiderando cultura, contracultura, e nação através das lentes da Tropicalia [Reconsidering culture, counterculture, and nation through the lens of Tropicalia]. Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação 33 (2010): 103-123.
Jones, A., Hunt, S., Simonds, C., Comadena, M., & Baldwin, J. Speech laboratories: An exploratory examination of potential pedagogical effects on students. Basic Communication Course Annual 16 (2004): 105-138.
Baldwin, J., & Hunt, S. Information-seeking behavior in intercultural and intergroup communication. Human Communication Research 28 (2002): 272-286.


Carr, C. T., Baldwin, J. R., Lippert, L. R., & Hunt, S. K. (2015, November). A chilling effect: Analysis of the effects of Institutional Review Board (IRB) communication on faculty. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Las Vegas, NV.
Curriculum across the Curriculum: Using Intro-to-Major and Capstone Courses for Curriculum Integration. CTLT Symposium. CTLT. (2014)
A cross-cultural study of teacher credibility in relation to teacher clarity and nonverbal immediacy. Multiculturalism: Perspectives from Australia, Canada, China. (2011)
Cultural schemas in German and US American Classrooms: A cross-cultural comparison. Annual Meeting of the National Communication Association. (2011)
Paradigms in space: Understanding underlying assumptions in communication theory. Annual Meeting of the Central States Communication Association. (2011)
Performing communicative functions in development projects: An exploratory study of development practices in Tanzania. Annual Meeting of the National Communication Association. (2011)
"Race" in MPB and Milton Nascimento. Ethnic Studies Brownbag Luncheon. (2011)