Graduate Student Association

School of Communication Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Who can be involved?

All graduate students, both M.S./M.A and EdD are welcome to attend any/all events and utilize any/all resources provided by GSA. The only requirement for membership is that the student is enrolled in the School of Communication and are in good academic standing with the University. The level of involvement for membership is up to each individual member.

Other than running for an officer position, there is no formal application necessary to be a member. 
GSA has five active officers. These positions are: President, Treasurer, two Event Coordinators, and a First-Year Representative. The First-Year Representative is elected at the beginning of each academic year. All other elections take place at the end of the spring semester. Our current executive board members can be found on our social media pages linked below.

What does GSA do? 

We provide funding for academic opportunities for Master’s students through University grants and organized fundraisers.
We plan events to bring the graduate students of the School of Communication together and build interpersonal relationships between students, faculty and staff. Historically, events have included chili cook-offs, pre-winter break parties, and other casual community events.
We provide professional development and networking opportunities, as well as share available resources provided by the University.

Want more information?

Check out our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you around campus and hope you will consider attending GSA events in the near future!