Internships & Careers

You are in the middle of your college career, working for a degree in communication. Your thoughts turn to the future. Where will you be in 5 years? What professional experience do you have? What sets you apart from your classmates, your competition? How can you get the edge?

Take advantage of the Field Experiences program and gain real-world professional experience, build an impressive portfolio, develop valuable networking and communication skills, and receive academic credit at the same time! The Field Experiences program is part of the School of Communication and gives students a new professional perspective that can set them apart from future job competitors. Feel free to look around!

Consider this statistic: Of the 196 School of Communication May 2009 graduates, more than 50 percent of them (101) had an opportunity that gave them personal, professional, and social advantages: an internship.

So think about yourself: In a few semesters, when they call your name and you walk across the stage to receive your degree, which group do you want to be in?

The Field Experiences program in the School of Communication connects classroom and career like few other programs can.